How do you protect, prevent and control
what you cannot see?

Residents, Staff & Visitors

The WashSense Performance Devices integrate seamlessly at sinks and sanitizers providing user engagement, training and performance measurement.

Quality Uninterrupted

WashSense Infection Surveillance Maps trend changes in patient conditions, symptom onset, diagnosis and prescriptions for reliable baselines and meaningful interventions.

Patient Safety

Performance Device Messages can be tailored for public health announcements, staff training and education as well as Room Specific Clinical Protocol reminders for patients at risk for falls, recurring infections, etc. to address patient acuity.

Infection Control is complex, labor intensive and expensive

WashSense Technology is designed specifically for the Post-Acute Healthcare Environment and is proven to reduce infections in a reliable, sustainable, and repeatable way.

80% Performance & Engagement
>30% Reduction of Healthcare Associated Infections
Results Show Year over Year Consistent Improvement with Time & Use. Data available to 3rd parties interested to validate our effectiveness.

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